Can you benefit from Bookmark Reminder?

  • Yes, if you would like to know immediately which was the last entry you read in a forum topic or a blog last time
  • Yes, if you visit a website from time to time but regularly, and you need a reminder that alerts you to visit it again
  • Yes, if you would like to open the most frequently visited websites, - or websites visited every single day - by clicking only, without using the keyboard

Bookmark Reminder is thus a special online bookmark storage service, what is primarily meant to solve the above listed requirements and make the web surfing more comfortable for you.

Do you have an idea regarding the service? Or do you need something new? Write to us.

Shows the time
of the last visit

A must have if you read blogs or forum topics regularly. The sites in Bookmark Reminder can be opened with a toolbar which shows the time of the last visit, so helps you to find the point where you can continue to read the new content of the site.

Reminds to check webpages

You can add websites to be shown always or frequently, for example weekly. Bookmark Reminder will show you these websites only if the time of the next reminder calculated from the configured frequency is elapsed.

Fastens the daily web surfing

In Bookmark Reminder, you can open your regularly visited websites very fast by clicking on their links with the middle button of the mouse. You don't have to even touch the keyboard, though each page will be opened in a new tab.

It's free,
simple and safe

Bookmark Reminder is completely free, machine and browser independent.
Bookmark Reminder is safe, because only the hash of your email address is stored. This means we can not contact you and your address can not be stolen for spam purposes, either.

Welcome to Bookmark Reminder

Bookmark Reminder was started on 2011 February 24, and it is a hobby project at present. Its author developed the tool for himself first and uses it regularly. The main idea was to create a tool that is maintaining the date and time of the last visit of a webpage, a blog, or forum topic, in order to ease the regular reading of the new entries and contents on the original webpage. Now it is also possible to set a reminder interval for websites that you would like to visit regularly but rarely, so from now you will never forget that you want to check such, if you use the service.
Feel free to read a longer description of the features above. And if you like them, register, check the tool out for yourself, and enjoy it.